Walking is More Than Physical Exercise

By | December 27, 2018

Walking is an excellent exercise for pleasure, weight loss and psychological well being. In days gone past people had to walk everywhere but with the advent of the car people seem to walk less and drive more. Even when the store is only a few blocks they would prefer to drive. Therefore, people aren’t losing weight as easily as they once did.

Walking is More Than Physical Exercise

Walking helps your cardiovascular system by getting your heart rate up. The faster your blood pumps in your body the more adapted it will become to physical exertion and the higher the levels of fitness you can achieve. The more you work out the more blood your heart is able to pump and the healthier you feel.

Walking also has the added benefit of being an exercise that is sufficient for any fitness level. If you are older you can walk at a slow pace if you are in good physical condition you can turn your walk into as fast as you want. The choice is purely yours and you can do what feels right to you.

The other benefit of walking is that it is easy to adjust your walking habits to get the maximum benefit. Toward the end of your good walk you may need to push your fitness level a little higher and you have the ability to adjust your speed quickly and without strain. Therefore you have complete control over your exercise routine.

Nature, fresh air and being outside are good for our psychological health. We sometimes need to be outdoors to relax from a stressful day. Watching nature, getting exercise and being out in the sun often help us forget about the day’s stress. We will feel relaxed and in comfort after a good walk.

You may also find that after a heavy dinner a good walk will help with digestion and loosen up that heavy feeling. The added benefit is that your metabolism kicks in and you are able to burn off the food a little faster. You won’t feel as tired after dinner if you go for a walk and get your blood moving.

Walking is More Than Physical Exercise

Finally, you should also consider the social aspects of walking. You can walk with your spouse, wife and kids. You can take hikes in the woods or walk around and look at what your neighbors are doing. You have the opportunity to enjoy your workout with other people for a change.

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