Home Fitness: a Less Costly Gym

By | December 20, 2018

Working out at home is not an ideal solution for many people. Reasons such as needing the right atmosphere and distractions at home are the top contenders.

Home Fitness: a Less Costly Gym

The other side of the coin is that working out from home takes less motivation as you do not need to lace up your shoes, get dressed properly and enter the world to travel to the gym of choice that you have paid membership to.

No matter what your preference is dedication will always be the key to a successful work out at the gym or at home.

Dedication in working out at home is a must, and through that one will find that working out at home can be every bit as satisfying as a work out at the gym. Not to mention that in the long run it will cost less on your finances. So how does one get inspired to work out at home?

The truth is that inspiration is no different than the one it takes to go to the gym on a regular schedule. When one is motivated through the proper reasoning, working out no matter where you are at is not an issue. So what other issues are involved that cause people to not work out?

One issue is finances. It has become very common for people going through depression to sit up late at night and watch infomercials. When watching home gym infomercials with a critical eye, one can see that they are subtly aimed towards people whose self esteem can be boosted by opening their wallet and picking up the phone.

Is this really necessary? While the home gyms do have a lot to offer in terms of equipment and exercises, one should realize that anything the home gym can do it is possible to recreate using other, less costly, methods.

For example, while buying a treadmill and placing it in your home results in less motivation necessary to run, getting outside your house and breathing fresh air while you run through the park is healthier and easier on the pocketbook.

Many people spend money on expensive items to use during their home work outs. These items are such things as Treadmill systems, complete home gyms, expensive weights and bars. For a basic workout, one could use something as simple as resistance bands.

The latest in home gym technology, when boiled down to it’s simplest form, is merely resistance tools that are packaged into a larger and more complex form. Resistance bands with video instructions can be found at half the cost of cast iron weights.

As an alternative to cast iron weights, there are aquabells. These are dumbbells that, as you probably have realized, are filled with water. More information on these can be found at www.aquabells.com. These items are less costing than the traditional weights and have the added advantage of it’s multi-purpose.

If you’re a traveler or need to travel on business, you do not have to worry about buying separate equipment to take with you. Like any other water item, you just empty the water and fold the “weights” up for easy packaging. This is quite an alternative to the current home/travel gyms shown on infomercials on in local stores.


It is exquisite in its simplicity and portability while still providing the same workout as traditional cast iron weights.

Resistance Bands and Aquabells are just two examples of excellent, low cost ways of working at home.

One has to only remember that the dedication for working at home is the same as it takes to actively go to the gym.

The major difference is that if you lost focus with going to the gym, you are usually doing so at a monetary loss.

Whereas the repercussions of losing focus at home solely reside in your hands.

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