Break Through Your Fitness Plateau with a Hypertrophy Oriented Workout

By | May 20, 2019

Here’s the scenario. After a substantial amount of time spent performing whole body metabolic complexes my client wants to get more muscle specific and concentrate on some serious hypertrophy or muscle building.

Break Through Your Fitness Plateau with a Hypertrophy Oriented Workout

It’s time for this individual to build some muscle. He has established a great whole body, functional, conditioning foundation. He has already lost a considerable amount of body fat and added a significant amount of lean body mass. So at this stage of the game adding a hypertrophy oriented phase is certainly appropriate.

I say hypertrophy oriented because rather than utilizing a traditional linear approach in our training phases, I never have my clients get away from power development entirely. Power is where we live at Workout America. We just want to shift the emphasis a bit.

This is one of many ways to vary your workout routine, which helps athletes break through plateaus. In this case, we also want to maintain or increase the work capacity and metabolic base we’ve worked so hard to develop.

Taking Your Workout to the Next Level

Here’s the deal, this client has been training with me twice a week in the gym and doing metabolic home workouts we designed on two of his other days. To kick it up to that next level we are going to increase his training to three days a week with me and increase his metabolic home workouts to three days a week.

His muscle specific days with me are in fact a metabolic, fast-paced anaerobic/aerobic mix and even the upper body days still burn way more calories and have a much more profound systemic metabolic hit than any of the traditional (and ineffective) fat burning programs.

The idea is to jump on the hypertrophy hard but keep the fat burning rolling in high gear.

We will re-visit his home workouts to create the optimum synergism so he’s keeping a balance between his total workload and restoration/recovery time. Since we’re only doing one resistive leg day a week in the gym this leaves us plenty of latitude for great in-home workouts incorporating our outrageous bodyweight leg complexes.

Break Through Your Fitness Plateau with a Hypertrophy Oriented Workout

His weekly workout cycle of specificity will look like this:

  • Monday is chest and triceps
  • Wednesday is back and biceps
  • Friday is legs and shoulders

Every fourth-day workout in his training schedule will be a whole body, functional day. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday are metabolic, whole body, home workouts.

We will perform two weeks of this hypertrophy workout routine and every third week will be a return to whole body metabolic complexes. We’re going to roll with this format for three cycles of three weeks or nine weeks total.

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