Professional Advice on Physical Fitness

By | April 24, 2019

Fitness is something that all of us want. we all get up one fine day and decide its time to get healthy and we start out very enthusiastically, but we never actually have enough motivation to complete what we started out with. I would like to blog something for those people who are in this category.

Professional Advice on Physical Fitness

Fitness is not all just about exercise but is also about a lot of other things.

So what is fitness?

Fitness is both the well being of the mind as well as the physical body and only when there is a balance between the both will we be able to achieve perfect health.

Statistics show there is an increase in the incidence of heart-related ailment in today’s world. Why???? What is different from our forefathers times? Today we eat healthily, we try not to fall sick, we go for regular health check-ups yet we are unable to escape that heart attack or myocardial infarction. Our ancestors never ate healthily.

In fact, the gorged on red meat and animal grease, both a taboo for our generation. But the coronary disease was never a problem then.

The answer is work/lifestyle

Our forefathers worked hard and they ate well. We don’t work but still eat well. Tell me how is the body supposed to burn those excess calories?

There was a recent study that was done in India, where they argued that the use of coconut oil (coconut oil has one of the highest content of harmful cholesterol) for cooking was one of the leading causes for coronary heart disease in a small state called Kerala.

However, the counter-argument was that coconut oil was used in the preparation of food in Kerala for many centuries and why now only the problem. The answer they found was that the dynamic change in lifestyle.

Later another study was done where they found that in spite of good health care systems at their fingertips the upper class was at more risk for a coronary artery disease as compared to the lower class.

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Professional Advice on Physical Fitness

So where do we start??

As usual from the mouth… not enough just to watch what you eat but also how u eat……………

Let me give you an example from an interesting study. A study was conducted in the United States and in France. The subjects were divided into two groups based on their countries and both groups were given fast food to eat for a couple of days.

Their physical activity was measured and optimized so that all individual subjects burnt almost the same amount of calories. The results were astounding. They discovered that the Americans had a significant increase in their cholesterol levels as compared to the French. but why. Both had the same food and almost the same level of activity.

They discovered that the only difference was how they ate their food. the Americans had their food the way how the food sounded fast. The French took twice as long or even more to eat the same amount of food. They were more relaxed, talking and chewing more as compared the Americans.

The study concluded that this was the reason why the French did not have a significant increase in their cholesterol levels.

Can u relate this to our forefathers? They always had a meal around the family table where they talked and ate. For them, meal times formed a real bonding time between the family

Compare it with our scenario!!!!!!!! We can’t wait just to gobble down our food as we can get to our own work.

TO BE CONTINUED………………………………….

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