Fitness Friday #41

Taper week. It’s been nice having a bit of a rest – I kind of feel human again! All those carbs are keeping me happy too…

Aside from the kaleidoscope of butterflies manically flying around in my stomach it’s been a bit of a non-event week really.

Except that I accidentally took the whole day off on Monday. I was only meant to take the morning off but the plumber was late and then he was taking ages so I just had to stick around. I wasn’t too upset about a random day off work….




Saturday: run

15km easy run. It was over before I knew it – just goes to show how conditioned I’ve become to those ridiculously long 30+ km runs.

Sunday: rest

Monday: rest + massage

Massage was perfect. I turned up thinking that I wasn’t very tight at all but quickly ate my words once Liz started massaging me. Good thing I booked in for an hour.

This is what they looked like right after me massage

I’ve still got cupping marks on my shoulders too – hope they’re gone by Sunday morning or my race photos will look a bit odd. Would it be weird to photoshop them?

I didn’t book in a follow up massage for next week which I think I will live to regret.

Tuesday: run



Five days to go!

My last real run before race day. Just a short 8km to keep everything ticking over.

Wednesday: cross training

I resisted a very strong urge to do some sort of resistance training and just did 20 minutes on the spin bike and 10 minutes on the rowing erg instead.

Thursday: yoga


A quick 45 minute practice at home. Annoyingly my gym is undergoing renovations at the moment and the yoga studio has been closed for the last two weeks – right when I needed it most!

Friday: rest

This weekend the plan is a short 2-3km run tomorrow and then MARATHON! See you on the other side!


What did you get up to this week?

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