Fitness Friday #38



Saturday: rest

Sunday: run


This was the end of my recovery week so just a short long run to finish off the week. It came so close to not happening – Sunday afternoon is my least favourite time to do a long run. But my dad saved the day. I took my meatballs over to his place and he cooked them for me and played with Matilda while I ran.

P.S. I can’t believe I just called a 19km run a ‘short run’. I caught myself saying it to someone at work during the week…weird.

Monday: rest

Tuesday: not the plan

‘The plan’ was a 16km run. For many reasons that didn’t happen. My head was just all over the place and I was so close to pulling out of the marathon all together and doing the half instead. Some wise words from a close friend helped me get back on track.

But I couldn’t make up the run in the evening because Damo was out for the night. So I did a great little squat/burpee/sprinting on the spot circuit. So. much. sweat.

Wednesday: circuit

Thursday: rest

Friday: 45 minute temp run

Not as far or as long as I would have liked but I just had to take what I could get this week.

Just on 3 weeks til the marathon day now…hold me!

I’ve got my last big long run this weekend. I’m tossing up between a run from home that I know or trying to run some of the route of the marathon. I think the home route will win out in the end.

What did you get up to this week?


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