Break Through Your Fitness Plateau with a Hypertrophy Oriented Workout

Here’s the scenario. After a substantial amount of time spent performing whole body metabolic complexes my client wants to get more muscle specific and concentrate on some serious hypertrophy or muscle building. It’s time for this individual to build some muscle. He has established a great whole body, functional, conditioning foundation. He has already lost… Read More »

Professional Advice on Physical Fitness

Fitness is something that all of us want. we all get up one fine day and decide its time to get healthy and we start out very enthusiastically, but we never actually have enough motivation to complete what we started out with. I would like to blog something for those people who are in this… Read More »

Walking is More Than Physical Exercise

Walking is an excellent exercise for pleasure, weight loss and psychological well being. In days gone past people had to walk everywhere but with the advent of the car people seem to walk less and drive more. Even when the store is only a few blocks they would prefer to drive. Therefore, people aren’t losing… Read More »

Home Fitness: a Less Costly Gym

Working out at home is not an ideal solution for many people. Reasons such as needing the right atmosphere and distractions at home are the top contenders. The other side of the coin is that working out from home takes less motivation as you do not need to lace up your shoes, get dressed properly… Read More »