How Do You FIT in FiTNESS?

The Fit Pepper

Today I’m linking up with The Fit Switch and The Fit Pepper for their Tuesday #dishthefit linkup.

This week’s theme is ‘How do you FIT in FiTNESS?’

It’s not about “having” time. It’s about making time.

That old adage has never been truer for me than the situation I find myself in now.

As a full time working mum (ok only of one) studying by correspondence I know that if I don’t make the time for fitness I will never get anything done. I have to pre plan every workout to make sure I get it done.

So if we all have 24 hours in a day how do I find time to FIT in FitNESS?

1. Make the most of the time I have.

Only have 20 minutes? A 20 minute workout is better than nothing. Bonus: science is showing that short, intense bursts of exercise can get you fitter faster than lots of long, moderately intense exercise.

2. Use those lunch breaks!

I’m finally in a job where I actually have a lunch break so I’m not about to waste it mindlessly wandering the shops or checking Facebook. Nope I head on over to the gym near work and get my workout done for the day.

3. Exercise while the world sleeps


When I was training for the marathon pretty much every training run was done in the dark. So many wake ups at disgusting times like 5am (even a few 4:30am on a Sunday). But it meant that I could get me run done and be home to get Matilda ready for daycare during the week or home before too late on the weekends. I felt like it reduced the impact on my family by getting my training done while they slept.

Bonus: often you get to see some very pretty sunrises!

4. Involve your kids


This one can be a bit of a challenge but is definitely workable. When Matilda was younger (and I didn’t work so much) I logged heaps of km with her in the running pram. It was perfect because she was guaranteed to sleep!

Now that she’s older we don’t really ‘workout’ together but we do have active play which definitely involved climbing the ropes at the playground last weekend. Me climbing, Matilda ‘climbing’. I also want to try a workout using Matilda as my weight – think goblet squats with toddler, lunges with toddler on my shoulders etc.

The best part about involving your kids is that they absorb it all. Matilda happily joins in on my yoga or stretching and was desperate to go for a run this morning when she found out both Damo and I had been for a run. Too cute!

5. Invest in your health


To be honest, if you don’t have a lot of time, gyms can be a waste of precious time. All that travel to the gym, hanging out waiting for machines and then travelling home. You’d be amazed what you can do with 20 minutes and a skipping rope, set of 4kg dumbbells, medicine ball, and yoga/pilates mat. A kettle bell is also a great addition to a home gym set up and is extremely versatile.

6. Planning is key

Last but certainly not least – planning is key. I have a general idea of what kind of workout I want to do each day of the week and when. So for this week the general plan is:

  • Monday – strength training
  • Tuesday – run
  • Wednesday – swim & strength training
  • Thursday – yoga
  • Friday – cycle class
  • Saturday – strength training
  • Sunday – run

I haven’t fleshed out every session but I know when and what I’ll be doing so I can plan for the week. Side note: not all of these session might get done but I aim for 75% of the plan. I’ve learnt to be flexible.

So how do you fit in fitness?


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